Privacy Policy

1. Data Collected

We will not knowingly store sensitive data, identifying data, unnecessary data, or data which is not used in our bot's features.
Collected data includes:
  • Channel IDs
  • Guild IDs
  • Message IDs
  • User IDs
  • Channel name
  • Guild name
  • Usernames
  • Guild icon
  • General information (current number, high score, last counter, etc.)

2. Data Usage

The collected data will only be used to provide the bot's features.
  • IDs are used to link data together
  • Icons and names are stored for the leaderboard (if enabled)
  • General information is only stored for registered counting channels. This data includes the last number, high score, last counter, and other information critical to the bot's core funtion

3. Updating Data

Updating data will require the action of a user. The stored data may be updated when using commands, voting on bot listing stites, or by becoming a donator.

4. Data Deletion

Data related to a counting channel (channel name, channel id, channel user leaderboard, channel logs, channel settings, last number, high score, last counter, etc.) can be permanently deleted by using the /unlinkchannel command. If you would like to have other data such as a users counting profile you may manually request this data to be deleted by making a ticket in the support server. We may ask for verification of ownership of the requested data.

5. Third Parties

In order to provide certain features we use third party services. Third party services include Discord, and Stripe. While using these third party services their privacy policy and terms of service apply.
  • Discord
    • Discord’s terms of service and privacy policy. Discord is used for the bot portion of Counting. Some of Discord’s data is stored such as user names, guild (server) ids, and user ids amongst others.
  • Stripe
    • Stripe’s terms of service and privacy policy. Stripe is used for payment processing. All payment data is stored and handled by Stripe, only the customer id is stored by counting. The customer id is stored with the users discord id and is only used for verifying if a user has paid and allowing the user to manage their subscription.

Terms of Service

  • Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • No skipping numbers
  • No going back in numbers
  • Must alternate counters (except for solo mode)
  • No botting, scripting or abusing bugs
  • Do not intentionally ruin the count